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A few years ago, I heard about an ancient Indian story that says that when we judge someone, we transfer some of their bad karma onto ourselves.

This may sound too trite at first glance, but let’s try to look at judging through a different prism.

Where does our need to judge others come from in the first place?

From a metaphysical perspective, it comes primarily from our own sense of inferiority, which we’re largely unaware of.

By judging others, we try to diminish their value in our eyes in order to alleviate the pain within ourselves that results from the activation of the feeling of inferiority.

Think about it: you probably don’t feel the need to judge people who you believe are worse than you in some way, but you do see the need to judge people who you believe are better or more successful than you. You have it compared to those who have something you’d also like to have but don’t.

Our tendency to belittle the value of others to protect ourselves from the pain we’re feeling at the moment is a natural defensive reaction that we shouldn’t be ashamed of. In this way, our brain tries to compensate for the excessive emotional imbalance created in us by the discrepancy between our desires and the real situation.

However, it’s one thing to feel the urge to judge and quite another to allow this urge to dominate our worldview.

It’s all right to have defensive reactions but remember that we didn’t come to earth to protect our weaknesses and look for justification for their existence. We came here to grow and maximize our potential and inner strength.

As long as we’re willing to judge others, we blind ourselves and remain trapped in a perception that doesn’t allow our soul to develop and grow.

So the next time you feel the need to judge someone, remember the story of taking on bad karma and ask yourself: 

Do I want to be trapped in my existing mindset, or do I want to take advantage of the situation and free myself from it?

The choice is yours…

© Tomislav Tomic – 2021.