What Our Students Say?

In a way, this program completed the story I had been working on for years, or as they say, “The teacher comes when you’re ready.” A new view of spirituality, the physical world and life in general opened up to me. I gained wonderful knowledge about how to achieve my goals and desires more effectively. I learned some new aspects of myself. I’d recommend the program to anyone who is working on becoming a better version of themselves and who wants to realize their potential for which they came into this world.

Lea Fadljevic

An extraordinary experience through which I gained a deeper insight into my spiritual essence and a broader knowledge of the complexity of human nature. I gradually transformed my tendency to exclusion into understanding, both for myself and for others, which greatly facilitated my daily communication. A true recommendation for a wonderful inner journey and an excellent instructor who can creatively communicate this great knowledge to anyone.

Lidija Ljubas Kers

Through the program I received much more than I expected. It was a beautiful journey through mind, body and soul. With explanations and techniques, I gained insight into my full potential. When you embark on this journey, you’ll definitely become a better version of yourself. Priceless.

Anita Herceg Visic

The TT Mindfulness program has exceeded my expectations. I got far more than I invested in time and money. Tomislav professionally and with ease introduced me to timeless techniques that “nourish” my being on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. My warmest recommendations for this innovative program where you can only win and lose nothing.

Vesna Bilic

Brilliant mindfulness program 🙂 I ended up forgetting which version of me started the program, because the version that finished it was definitely the one that created an inner space within itself to embrace everything in it. Liberating and rejuvenating 🙂 I owe a huge, huge thanks to the program creator. I’ve learned to feel and listen. You inspire and share a valuable practice and part of yourself in your own authentic, gentle, provocative, collaborative and modern way. Thanks! Hugs

Mirela Santic

I’m exceptionally satisfied with this training. It has given me a different perspective on life, spirituality, philosophy of life and problem solving approaches. I’ve gained new knowledge and skills that I can use in my personal and professional life and for my personal growth and development. I’d recommend this training to anyone who wants to move forward and develop into a resilient and confident person.

Melita Schmitz

Through the TT Mindfulness program, you can become a mindfulness trainer and discover the essence of mindfulness. The program is methodologically interesting, well structured and amazing. It takes you on a journey that enables new perceptions and opens up choices. As you go through the program, you’ll notice gradual and subtle changes in yourself. The TT Mindfulness program can be the foundation and starting point for your personal development and transformation. And even if you aren’t a beginner, it can take you to a higher level. The program focuses heavily on the practice of mindfulness, but also contains a bit of metaphysics, which sets it apart from other programs and makes it excellent. It’s highly recommended!

Nikolina Bosnjak


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Unexpectedly wonderful journey, different from previous courses I’ve attended. Full of quality content and information. I did different types of exercises that I’ve not seen in other courses. I liked the simple way Tomislav explained very complex topics. I learned many new tools that I’ll use in my work with my clients.

Sandra Bernobic

The TT Mindfulness program has exceeded my expectations! The program is well thought out and adapted to different profiles of people so that each of us can absorb and integrate the knowledge in a way that is acceptable to us. It’s a dynamic and interesting training that includes the theoretical part, practical examples, daily exercises, new insights, insights, and many other useful information. Tomislav isn’t only a Mindfulness enthusiast and educator, he lives it! And you can feel it in his demeanor, his choice of words, and his energy! I’m glad to learn from Tomislav 🙂

Bozica Antunovic

This is no ordinary course, but an important part of the journey of life. With each lecture, I received answers and guidance that I needed most at that moment. With inspiring lectures, effective exercises and Tomislav’s relaxation, openness and selfless desire to help everyone, everything becomes easier, more fun and beautiful.

Iva Krekovic

This course helped me connect the dots between everything I knew about a person’s mental-emotional and psychological structure. I don’t even have to mention that Tomislav’s lectures were very interesting, inspiring and entertaining.

Iva Markulin