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A Mindfulness-Based Way To (Re)Connect With Your Soul & Manifest Your Soul Desires.

Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Training Program Online (CPD provider: 22513)

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Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Online

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What is TT Mindfulness & What Makes It Unique?

Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Training Program Online (CPD)

A program inspired by the original Mindfulness teachings, enriched by ideas from the book A Course in Miracles, and adapted to modern ways of thinking and living.

TT Mindfulness: What Makes It Unique?


  • Mindfulness-based way to (re)connect with your soul and manifest your soul desires.
  • A program inspired by the original Mindfulness teachings, enriched by ideas from the book A Course in Miracles, and adapted to modern ways of thinking and living.
  • A comprehensive set of methods and strategies that you can apply in your own life … and also in your work with clients.



By Tomislav Tomic (from the introduction to TT Mindfulness)


In the last 30 years, Mindfulness has gained much popularity and has become almost mainstream. Most often, it’s defined as “focused attention” or “living in the moment” and is presented as a completely secular method for reducing stress and improving quality of life.

However, it’s important to understand that Mindfulness isn’t just the latest buzzword of the self-improvement industry or a passing trend. The fact is that it has been around for more than 2500 years.

Although it’s not tied to any particular religion, Mindfulness is essentially a mystical practice designed to help us connect and align with the “Force” that is the cause of everything that exists, and that is constantly seeking to express itself through everything that exists – including ourselves. If I had to define this “Force” in three words, I’d describe it as unlimited Love, Light and Wisdom.


Over time, however, the method has been modified to appeal to a broader audience and to be accepted in the academic community. As a result, only the secular aspects of the method are known to the general public.

The good news is that even such a modified version of Mindfulness helps people reduce stress and improve their lives in various ways.

But the even better news is that in addition to everything that the modified version of Mindfulness offers, TT Mindfulness goes a step further by giving you a proven and highly structured approach inspired by the original Mindfulness teachings, enriched by ideas from the book A Course in Miracles, and adapted to modern ways of thinking and living, with a special focus on five key goals:

FOCUS – Develop a strong and sharp focus and learn how to manage distractions effectively.

ENERGY BLOCKAGES – Release energy blockages that prevent you from living your soul’s purpose.

EMOTIONS – Make peace with painful and unpleasant emotions and learn to integrate the messages they bring you.

SOUL – Strengthen your connection with your soul and embody your soul energy at a cellular level.

SOUL DESIRES – Discover and manifest your soul’s desires in the most joyful way.

If TT Mindfulness Were a Mystical, Chocolate Cake… Explore TT Mindfulness from the perspecive of a chocolate cake…

A Chocolate Cake Perspective

Imagine if TT Mindfulness were a creamy mystical chocolate cake. Well, here is the recipe for it…



The BISCUIT in our cake is made purely from Mindfulness ingredients. In fact, mindfulness in its original form is the foundation of our cake. You will taste it clearly in every bite. It is also carefully baked in a mindfulness-based way.



The soft and creamy FILLING consists of teachings about manifesting your soul’s purpose. All of the ingredients we use in our filling have been carefully selected to support you and inspire you to make an additional step to align with your soul and the Divine and manifest your soul’s desires. Since I know you are a Lightworker, I have added a few secret ingredients to our filling to give you an extra sweet boost on your journey… or should I say on your mission on Earth.



The FROSTING for our chocolate cake is made with exotic ingredients that will make you feel like you have your own life coach guiding you through this process. Simply put, our mystical cake is wrapped in a crunchy coaching style. All you have to do is take a bite and let the magic of the cake guide you in exploring and discovering your soul’s potential.



There’s a saying that goes: a cake without decoration is no cake. Well, I agree with that. The DECORATION for our chocolate cake is made of fresh, organic ingredients from the book A Course in Miracles. But, I am not talking about some of Marvel’s miracles that defy the laws of physics. This would be too mundane for our mystical chocolate cake. As A Course in Miracles outlines, miracles are about changing our perception and seeing Love instead of fear. Miracles are also about releasing our perception of separation from our eternal oneness with perfect Love… and Love tastes yummy too 🙂

So, what do you think? Would you like to take a bite? 😉

Why to Choose Us?

Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Training Program Online (CPD)


In Real Use Since 2009.

Based on more than 500 live workshops. Includes only those methods and strategies proven to be highly effective and practical.


20+ Years' Experience

The author of this program has more than 20 years of experience with mindfulness (since 1998).


Accredited Certificate

Get an internationally recognised and accredited certificate. TT Mindfulness is certified and accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPD provider: #22513).


Practical Approach

Inspired by Mindfulness in its original form and adapted to modern lifestyles and understanding.


Email + Video Support

Unlimited email support for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase + two 1-on-1 coaching sessions (2 x 45 minutes) Zoom/Skype with the author of the program.


100% Online

Learn at your own pace, 100% online.

What Our Students Say?

Brilliant mindfulness program 🙂 I ended up forgetting which version of me started the program, because the version that finished it was definitely the one that created an inner space within itself to embrace everything in it. Liberating and rejuvenating 🙂 I owe a huge, huge thanks to the program creator. I’ve learned to feel and listen. You inspire and share a valuable practice and part of yourself in your own authentic, gentle, provocative, collaborative and modern way. Thanks! Hugs

Mirela Santic

The TT Mindfulness program has exceeded my expectations. I got far more than I invested in time and money. Tomislav professionally and with ease introduced me to timeless techniques that “nourish” my being on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. My warmest recommendations for this innovative program where you can only win and lose nothing.

Vesna Bilic

In a way, this program completed the story I had been working on for years, or as they say, “The teacher comes when you’re ready.” A new view of spirituality, the physical world and life in general opened up to me. I gained wonderful knowledge about how to achieve my goals and desires more effectively. I learned some new aspects of myself. I’d recommend the program to anyone who is working on becoming a better version of themselves and who wants to realize their potential for which they came into this world. 

Lea Fadljevic

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Accredited Mindfulness Coach Certification Online

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