Formal Complaint Procedure

  • TT Mindfulness™ students who are dissatisfied with the training they purchased should first contact the training provider’s customer service department with their concerns – The customer service representative will try to resolve the issue promptly.
  • If the student isn’t satisfied with the customer service response, he/she should send a written complaint directly to the training provider: info (at) (Coaching Zone d.o.o.)
  • The complaint should include the student’s name and contact information, a description of the issue, and any relevant evidence or documentation.
  • The training provider will investigate the complaint and respond to the student within a reasonable time, usually within 10 business days. If it’s determined that the complaint is justified, the training provider will take appropriate corrective action to address the problem.
  • If the delegate isn’t satisfied with the training provider’s response, he/she may refer the matter to an outside organization, such as a regulatory body, for further investigation and resolution.