Let me tell you the truth about your thoughts. Well, at least the truth about most of them.

So, most of your thoughts are simply mental events seeking your attention. Your attention is actually their food; they cannot survive without it. And to survive, they have to find a way to get as much of your attention as possible.

And here’s the thing…

The easiest way for them to get your attention is to convince you that they’re true facts. But the point is that your thoughts aren’t facts. They’re just mental events, and many of your problems will miraculously disappear if you start treating them as such.

In other words, stop taking all the thoughts floating around in your head too seriously. You don’t have to be their food provider. Most of the time, they don’t have a smart perspective to offer. They just need your attention to survive.

Insights from the ‘Coffee Break Thoughts’ series – transcript from my Instagram video: @MysticPowerHub