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Discover the difference between the Essential version and the Certified Coach version of the program.

PAYMENT PLANS: Payment plans are available for both versions of the program (up to 10 monthly payments). More details below…

The Essential version is designed for participants who want to dive deeply into Mindfulness and soul desire manifestation process for their own needs. This version consists of introductory modules and 36 essential training sessions.

The Certified Coach version is designed for participants who not only want to dive deeply into Mindfulness and the soul desire manifestation process, but also want to expand their career opportunities in these areas.

Payment options


One Time Payments

Click on the “Enroll” button and follow the steps/payment instructions. After payment, you’ll automatically get access to the course.


Monthly Payment Plans

If you’d like to use our monthly payment plans to purchase this program, please contact us and let us know which of the options offered best fits your needs. You’ll receive a payment link (Paypal) within two business days or less.



The price is the same regardless of the payment option!

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