Open To Receive Abundance into Your Life (Guided Meditation)

If you want to experience a higher level of abundance in a certain aspect of your life, the first thing you need to do is create a new space in your mind and heart so that you can receive (and keep) what you want and release outdated thoughts and mental programs that do not support the change you want to experience.

This program will guide you step by step through a process that will allow you to define the aspect of life in which you want to experience a higher level of abundance, connect with your Inner Light (which is the main source of your abundance), increase your capacity to receive the desired abundance and release thoughts and programs that are inconsistent with the desired change.

For optimal program performance, use audio headphones. Listen to the program three times a week for 42 days and be open to new ideas and insights that may come up. The optimal time to listen to the program is in the early morning or evening before bedtime.


Excerpts from the program…

“The main source of abundance in every aspect of our lives lies within us. There is nothing in the outside world that can give us a lasting sense of abundance if we do not open ourselves to it and adjust it to the frequency of abundance in ourselves. That is exactly why our relationship with the Light within us is a key factor in the path of creating the abundance we desire.”

“Imagine you have the ability to send a mental message to Light within you. In essence, you can actively interact with the Light within yourself at any time. All you need is the intention and openness to the idea that the Light within you will always respond to your intention.”

This program is an integral part of the TT Mindfulness™ program.

Title: Open To Receive Abundance Into Your Life (Guided Meditation)

Duration: xx min

Category: Gudied Meditation

Author: Tomislav Tomić