Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Online

Would you like to become a Mindfulness meditation teacher or would you like your to add Mindfulness meditation courses to your life coaching or healing practice?

If your reply is positive, I have some good news for you 🙂

Integral part of TT Mindfulness Coach Certification program are different variations of Mindfulness meditation. You will learn four versions of Active Focus meditation method, Active Monitoring meditation method and a few more of them.

Graduates of Mindfulness Coach Certification program, apart of TT Mindfulness diploma, will also get a special diploma as certified Mindfulness meditation teachers.

What do you have to do in order to become a certified Mindfulness meditation teacher? Just enroll in TT Mindfulness Coach Certification program.

And, YES, you will get an opportunity to get your special profile on this web site as a certified Mindfulness meditation teacher