Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Coach Certification Training (EHSP)

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Coach Certification Training


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Become a Highly Sensitive People & Empaths “HSPE” Certified Coach, master our innovative metods and tools and expand your business!

Who Can Benefit From The Program

By taking part in the program, new coaches will gain a strong foundation and valuable skills, while some more experienced coaches will be introduced to innovative training tools.

During the program, trainers learn and experience our workshop formats as well as work with us to create their own unique workshop.

Highly Sensitive People & Empaths “HSPE” Certified Coach program is for every trainer, life and business coach, consultant, therapist, team leader and others.


“Highly sensitive people & empaths” and their most common characteristics:
(In my estimation, over 40 percent of my clients in the last 10 years fall into the category “highly sensitive people” and these are some of the most common traits I have noticed, and at the same time agree with the above. The way in which “highly sensitive people” will burst varies from person to person)

They feel like “strangers” on earth (as if they don’t belong there)
They easily “buy” other people’s energy on themselves and are extremely empathetic
They strongly feel the mood of those with whom they are in close proximity
They are not clear to them and there is no way they can figure out people who like to watch horror movies
They are often accompanied by the feeling that they are “not good enough” regardless of the actual situation and the level of their expertise or engagement (if it is a job or projects)
They do not like crowds, they avoid crowds and the time limit (especially if it is short) impairs their innate flow and creativity.
They are often accompanied by the feeling that something is bothering someone or that they are constantly guilty of something or have a need to justify their existence.
From the outside they seem simple and unobtrusive, but their inner life is extremely complex and layered
They do not like superficial relationships and prefer “depth” in relationships
They generally feel resistance to violence, and conflicts make them very tired and drained of energy
In principle, it is difficult to tell them NO! and set and communicate healthy boundaries in relationships (relative to people who don’t respect their boundaries)
They are introverted by nature, have a tendency to “withdraw”, and spending a long time interacting with a group often drains their energy – even when they “learn” extroverted behavior.
They are systematic and “highly-analytical” and are very prone to “analysis-paralysis” states
They tend to feel anxious and depressed when they feel they are losing control of the situation
According to expert estimates, 15 to 20 percent of the total population falls into the category of “highly sensitive people”!


Empaths & Highly Sensitive People and their biggest problem: Due to a lack of self-awareness and understanding of their innate tendencies, lack of quality information about themselves and how they function, leading to a high level of focus on their weaknesses (rather than strengths), their high sensitivity is often perceived as a flaw and handicap rather than a great blessing. an important “tool” with which they can make the world a more beautiful and better place to live.


Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Coach Certification Training