The 3 Necessary Stages of Personal Growth (Free eBook)

As individuals, we have the innate desire to constantly grow and improve. Knowing that we are doing the right thing is essential to establish healthy relationships; not only with others but with ourselves.

I have worked with people who have decided to take their personal growth and development seriously for more than 10 years and, throughout this time, I have realized the path they have begun to walk consists of 3 linear stages called collector, consumer and astronaut (which differs a bit from being on the moon), on a journey that allows them to take part in a given reality they must live and interpret.

Knowing what “stage” each one is on has helped them not only to understand how they act, what their “inner drivers” are and what are their own trends towards certain behaviors and attitudes regarding what their personal growth implies, but also to realize they can make conscious decisions that help them stay on the path of change.

I have also realized the “dominant stage” in which they find themselves determines what will seem “logical” to a certain extent; reason why their thoughts can be based on a certain subjective perception that will be objective for them.

The stages I cite in this eBook apply to any other aspect of personal development – whether it’s relationships, private business, health, helping others – because basic principles of development are essentially the same.

From my experience, it is necessary to go through these 3 stages as it guarantees the way people can achieve their goals in one or several aspects of their life. Each of us needs to stay in one stage for more or less time because the process (consciousness) requires accepting and releasing what it is discovered.

We need a guide to be able to achieve what we want, always. All is part of deciding whether or not to use what is available for us.

Every aspect in which we want to prosper and any field of life we want to transcend requires that we learn and develop new skills, defeating limiting patterns and self-centered beliefs.

This way, we will discover new ways of seeing situations and events that occur in our lives, being the opportunity to understand them.