The Universe in which we live in is a field of endless possibilities. Whatever you imagine, it can really exist. The only limitation there is, is the one you have created in your mind.

This is precisely the reason why we can only experience in our reality that which can be expressed through us. Our dominant convictions form channels through which universal energy can flow, helping us to experience a manifestation of universal energy that flows through us in accordance with our convictions.

“Whatever comes in, comes out as well”. The reality which you experience is just a mirror reflection of what is in you and through which the universal energy flows. Just change what is inside you, and you will be experiencing a different reality.

That is precisely the reason why it is crucial to make a clear decision about the reality you wish to experience. Only when you have made a clear decision about the reality which you want to experience will you be influencing the energies around you in a way for them to start forming according to your decision.

Making a clear decision about the reality you wish to have is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Making a clear decision is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself. The clearer the decision, the more aligned with your decision will the reality you experience be.

Making a clear decision means completely closing your mind to all other options except the one you have decided to accept. Once you have made the clear decision in your mind, nothing else exists other than that which you have decided for. Making a clear decision means agreeing to deal only with those thoughts whose contents are in line with your decision.

However, making a clear decision about the reality you wish to experience is no easy process. It is very serious business, and if you don’t take it seriously like you would any important project, you can just forget the whole thing.

As soon as you have made a clear decision, you will begin to search for arguments around you that support the decision you have made, and you will naturally be inclined toward manifesting that which you have decided to experience. With enough perseverance, your decision must become the reality which you are experiencing.

Make a clear decision about the reality you want to experience and take full responsibility for such a big step. Do not just rely on divine provision, waiting for a “heavenly sign” to start doing things. You need to understand that divine provision as most people understand it does not exist. God/Originator/Higher Self/Creator wishes to help you and be at your disposal at all times, but you must understand that he will not do your part for you.

Imagine a situation where a parent does his child’s homework instead of his child. That would be harmful, wouldn’t it? Any responsible parent realizes full well that they need to let the child do their own homework, and that they are only to help the child if they see that the child has done their best in their efforts to do the homework.

Many things in our lives happen along the lines of the same principle. A clear decision is a presupposition for any kind of progress in any area. Individuals who are determined will advance in all areas of their interest, whereas those who are undetermined stagnate more and more and constantly complain about how hard and unjust life is.

So make a clear decision about your life as you want it to be, and then stick with it!