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Mindfulness Training for Beginners

Online audio course – Mindfulness for Beginners

Learn an effective and proven method for developing strong and sharp focus, improving emotional flexibility and reducing stress! Practical and complete 14-day digital audio course that will step you through the secrets of Mindfulness on a daily basis (includes an e-script with a workout plan for a further 14 days + e-mail support for 28 days from the date of purchase) course) *** The Mindfulness beginner audio course is designed to give you the experience of having your own personal Mindfulness trainer, who will introduce you to the Mindfulness method for 14 days in a row, explaining more and more the key items that you need to learn and need pay attention. After 14 days of guided training, you will be able to independently practice the three fundamental and interconnected Mindfulness techniques that are an integral part of the program.

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